Heritage Montreal has offered home renovation courses for the general public since 1981. More than 8,500 people have followed them, learning about their houses and enabling them to take better care of them. It is the diversity of this built heritage which gives our neighbourhoods their personality. A heritage for the future.

Handing down residential renovation knowledge

In 1984, Heritage Montreal, in partnership with the business community and planners, convinced major investors to hold public consultations and to revisit their project as a result. Thus McGill College Avenue — with its extraordinary view of iconic Mount Royal — was protected and enhanced. A heritage for the future.

A symbolic outlook for heritage

In 1985, with the government planning major real-estate development in Montreal’s Old Port, Heritage Montreal backed co-operative efforts and public hearings, ensuring there would be a public space open onto the riverfront and connected to both Old Montreal and the Lachine Canal. A heritage for the future.

A new public space

In 2009, at the request of Heritage Montreal, Habitat 67 was classified by the Government of Quebec, following similar recognition by the City of Montreal. The residential complex, hailed worldwide for its visionary architecture, can now benefit from funding to meet the technical challenges involved in restoring it. A heritage for the future.

Protecting a world-renowned heritage building

In 2009, Heritage Montreal persuaded foreign owners and united local partners to restore downtown Montreal’s “giant milk bottle”—the former Guaranteed Pure Milk Co. Ltd. water tower. After decades of neglect, the much-loved monument once again stands proudly against the cityscape. A heritage for the future.

An emblematic monument saved for future generations

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